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Willowbrook Church Forest Lake MN

Christmas Eve @ Willowbrook 4:00 PM

Vintage Christmas Web 2The Final preparations are underway for an amazing experience @ Willowbrook today at 4:00 PM. We have geared it as a family event, and because of this, we have a 45 minute service filled with some cool stuff for all ages. In fact, our children will also be receiving a super-fun gift. So begin making preparations to join us just a couple of hours from now!

Vintage Christmas Eve Service
Willowbrook Community Church
4:00 – 4:45 PM

Prepare your hearts for HIM ~

Willowbrook Celebrates christmasThere’s a reason that we are told in the Bible that we are to “prepare” our hearts for Him.  Similar to Mary and Joseph finding no “room” in the Inn, so too, our hearts can crowd Jesus out – not allowing the Christ Child to enter. Christmas parties, end of the year vacations, family gatherings, and excessive travel, can certainly crowd out the true story of Christmas.  That’s why it is vitally important to block out on your schedule a time to give honor to Jesus for what He means to you.  And just as important is this: Have you considered that God may be calling you to be an “invitation” to someone who needs a relationship with Jesus?  Christmas is all about the mission of God saving the world. Christmas was never meant to be a one-time event. Christmas was meant for us to be engaged with God in the mission of reconciling the world to Himself.  What role will you play? Where might God be using you during this season of celebration?



We want to encourage you to take advantage of this weekend at Willowbrook as we have two amazing opportunities to make an impact with our community.

Sunday, December 23       “THE PURPOSE”  – Pastor Brad     (9:00 & 11:00 AM)

Monday, December 24       “VINTAGE CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE”   (4:00 PM)

Consider who you could invite – and join the mission of reconciling our friends to Jesus.

Women of Willowbrook Friday Night Christmas Party!

Hey Ladies of Willowbrook,

Are you looking for a great time to hang out, tell stories, get re-connected, and experience the “true” meaning behind Christmas?  If so, then you won’t want to miss our Women’s 9th annual Christmas Celebration this Friday night!  Willowbrook wants to thank Maggie Olson for hosting this year’s event at her charming home in Scandia.  The party begins at 6:30 PM. 

Please bring with you a snack to pass, along with a 5 dollar Christmas ornament to be exchanged.


Here’s the address to Maggie’s home:

21602 Meadowbrook Avenue North, Scandia MN.

Just hours away from our Kid’s Performance!

Our Willowbrook Kid’s are about read to take the stage and present Christmas in a way that only THEY can do!  We are looking forward to a packed house – and your participation goes along ways to encourage these amazing kids!  Get ready for,


Get ready for a great start to CHRISTMAS!



Real Simple: Have you RESERVED your free tickets?

A week from this Saturday, December 8, our kids from Willowbrook are performing an amazing Christmas Musical called, DUDE – DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR?  In order to assure you seating for this production, we are needing you to reserve your free tickets NOW!  Due to limited seating in our auditorium, those who have reserved their tickets will have first priority.  So – do it now – and get ready for a terrific musical from our Willowbrook kids (and a few child-like adults!).

Saturday, December 8

4:00 PM 


GO “HERE” to reserve your tickets.

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