How would you answer that question, let's say, if you just witnessed far less fruit this year at your church or business than the previous years?  How would you answer that question if you learned that several key leaders were considering stepping aside from serving?  How would you answer this question when fincial support is lacking? Or when the vision or dream for the church has become more like a nightmare?

It's my hope you will never find yourself in this position, but there's a high likelihood you will.

This is precisely why leadership must answer the most important question that Jesus raised with his followers, "Will you leave me too?"

Anger, jealousy, and frustration. 

Often times our personal egos get in the way of personal obedience to Christ.  We find our value in the results rather than the relationship.

This is why Jesus asked his disciples this important question.

The truth of the matter is this: Christ followers will not always receive favorable results in life.  In fact, if truth be known, we often finish each season with a losing record – as it relates to worldly success.  That's why, as followers of Jesus, we must put our trust in our relationship with him and not soley in the results.

I love Simon Peter's answer to his Savior's question.  After watching multitudes leave the ministry, he responds, "WHERE WOULD WE GO?  YOU HAVE THE WORDS OF ETERNAL LIFE." (John 6:68).

In other words, success is not eternal.  But a relationship is.  The voice of success is misleading. The voice of God is liberating.

If you're in a season of drought, try your best to answer this question.  What might cause you to leave Jesus?  It's a great question that targets our motives to why we serve or follow God.

Trade your results for the relationship!  Think eternal.

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